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Little Mama Maria’s Restaurant

After spending two hours at the border of Malawi, our team was quite hungry, but we pushed on without food. We passed little town after little town but no clean restaurant in sight. Finally, we saw a sign written “cold drinks sold here.” We decided to parked the car and pulled over. After following what could have been a cow… (more…)

Traditional Kenyan Cooking

You can see the British influence by the large range hood above the stove. Fire is prepared and then individual logs are moved around to control temperature. This is the most elaborate one I have ever seen. It serves as a church’s main kitchen and was used to provide us with one of the most delicious meals I have had… (more…)


This was the last visit to Kaptama before heading home (about 2 hours outside of town). I asked these ladies to hold up their books so I could take a picture for you all. These Foundation Course books were not given to them for free. They purchased them with their own hard work. You can tell a student is truly committed when… (more…)

Sick Day

Well, I had a fun weekend after drinking some chocolate milk that had gone bad. It’s now three days later, and I am finally returning home after being hospitalized.  I am doing much better now. Point being, avoid milk products while in Africa that are prepackaged. I usually only drink fresh milk that I have pasteurized myself, but lately have gotten lazy.… (more…)

Anyone In Need of a Quality Butcher

  I don’t know about you, but the sign has me fully convinced. I’m sure this place had nothing to do with the two cases of food poisoning I experienced over the month of December.  

Lunch at Mattaw

The pictures below are of Chicken Pilau–which is what we had for lunch this Saturday at Mattaw Children’s Village. “Pilau” is the local term for rice and it is the tastiest meal of the week. Christabell, one of our house moms, is known for the dish. All us Americans usually complain about African food, but I have never seen anything come… (more…)

Beware the Walking Rice

I have really been enjoying the variety of fruit available in Africa. Things you have never even heard of back in the United States. Just today I was enjoying a wonderful matomoko. When I was about half way through it, someone asked, “is your fruit moving”? I inspected it and found it CRAWLING with maggots, and I had already finished half… (more…)