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Dominique’s Smile

Well, I believe I have finally found it! Dominique does have a smile. Unfortunately I snapped the picture right before it turned into a full fledged grin.  It has been nearly a month since we rescued him. I talked to his mother about it and she told me “he was just too embarrassed about his missing teeth.” Supposedly, some Kenyan children are humiliated when they… (more…)

Longest 35 Minutes of My Life

I described earlier about the thrilling experience of helping rescue Dominique from the slums near Kitale. Once rescued, the focus becomes nursing him back to good health. As nurse at Mattaw, it is my job to get the new children tested–tested for HIV, typhoid, and malaria. So, my mission was to get Little Dominique to a blood lab, and get… (more…)


I had the wonderful privilege of participating in a “rescue” this week. As I mentioned earlier, a group of men from San Angelo, Texas are presently in Mattaw building several new homes for orphans. As the new homes are built, the little village has room to expand. Bud and Kimberly, directors of Mattaw, had learned of Dominique and his plight… (more…)