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The White Lady’s Pet Chicken

Above is the group of ladies who prayed that they would one day meet my mother. And oh, was it ever a joyful time when that day finally came–full of celebrations, singing, feasting, and many, many gifts. My mom spoke to them about spending time in the Word every day (while my dad was outside speaking with the men). The… (more…)

Things are Getting Kuku

Kuku in Swahili means chicken. So no, things are not getting crazy around here, but there has recently been a large influx of chickens. When a student pays for a class with a chicken, it is my job to transport it home. This week, my students brought 5 with them. If you can imagine my coworker and I stuffed into… (more…)

Lunch at Mattaw

The pictures below are of Chicken Pilau–which is what we had for lunch this Saturday at Mattaw Children’s Village. “Pilau” is the local term for rice and it is the┬átastiest meal of the week. Christabell, one of our house moms, is known for the dish. All us Americans usually complain about African food, but I have never seen anything come… (more…)