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Building a Home

Mike Duff’s Team from New Mexico arrived today and they are constructing house 6 at Mattaw. Many of the children were quick to help. They wanted to build a place for other orphans to live. A place for children who are living a miserable life that is now forgotten in their past. Without even being asked, Franco jumped in and started moving… (more…)

Bush Nurse Ophthalmology

Yes, the time has come for eye exams to begin. As you can see, my outdoor office has more assistants than most ophthalmologists could ever afford to hire. It reminds me of when I was a child and how much fun it was playing dentist, doctor, pilot…. Of course all the fun would come from setting up the office or building the plane. Hardly… (more…)

Building at Mattaw

I took today to do my grocery shopping for the week, so no pictures for today. However, I have some pictures of construction for you all and a video of the brick machine. Basically, all the bricks have two holes in them. When a wall is built, these holes line up. The final step before putting the roof on is… (more…)

Boys Clubhouse

Mattaw’s new guest housing is well under way, and while the men are busy helping with construction, the boys have started their own project–a clubhouse. I felt inclined to inform them that their structure won’t hold unless they start staggering the bricks, but after seeing Jeffery’s beaming smile as he went on his 50th trip to the brick pile, I… (more…)

Nursing Station

The medical room is nearly completed at Mattaw. Here is a picture of the boys sanding the shelves. They jumped right in and started helping while the adults did all the welding. They also applied a fresh coat of paint in the school. Thank you again (to Scott’s family) for coming all the way to Kenya and helping us complete… (more…)