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Stubborn Persistence

I don’t know if many of you have caught on, but as of nearly one year in Kenya, I still don’t know a lick of Swahili. Every time I start taking lessons, someone get’s sick and I end up studying more medical textbooks instead. However, today, my hardheadedness finally met its mach. Pictured to the left is Ayub. Supposedly Ayub means Job in Swahili… (more…)

Boys Clubhouse

Mattaw’s new guest housing is well under way, and while the men are busy helping with construction, the boys have started their own project–a clubhouse. I felt inclined to inform them that their structure won’t hold unless they start staggering the bricks, but after seeing Jeffery’s beaming smile as he went on his 50th trip to the brick pile, I… (more…)

Rescuing Orphans

Mattaw is hoping to open house four by Valentines day, which means we will have two new house parents and twelve new orphans running around Mattaw. Our social worker and the directors have been busy over the last few months finding children in desperate situations and making decisions on who to take home. We headed out to a street kid rehabilitation program day… (more…)

Jungle Boys

Well, well, well look what we have here, Mattaw’s 45th scrape within the last 24 hours. Now, usually I mind my own business, but with so many cuts, bruises, and rashes over such a short period of time, I felt inclined t0 do some investigation. You will never believe what I found. I think this has something to do with one of… (more…)

Boys will be Boys

Here is a picture of Dan coming to greet me. He and his cousin Peter have become very skilled at spotting me afar. (Dan is Peter’s biological cousin. If you remember we rescued them together a few weeks ago.) I think I am going to start calling House 3 the “Rough House,” in honor of them and their new brothers. They run, jump,… (more…)