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How Village Babies Keep Their Cool

It can get quite hot out here with out AC! Pictured here is Godwin, Gavriella’s four month old cousin. She was also offered a cool seat during class, but politely declined.

Three Month Old

Our  little girl just celebrated her first 3 months by going out to the village with us to pay the grandparents a visit. She got to ride in the car seat, meet the whole clan, suck her thumb with her cousins, and wrapped up all the excitement, new faces, and smells, by taking a much needed nap in her aunts grass… (more…)

Baby Dedication

Someone had her baby dedication yesterday! It was such a blessing having our church family pray for Gavriella. Gavriella’s name in Hebrew means “God is my strength.” It’s interesting how, although I don’t believe our pastor knows that, he mentioned many times in his prayer “strength.” God is the strength every parent needs when raising a child, and what every… (more…)

She Finally Made It!

Thank you so very much to everyone who has been praying for our little one. After 30 hours of natural child birth, our baby girl was born on Monday morning at 1:30 am. Her name is Gavriella Joy Apolot. Our pastor, Dr Juventine Emuku, was the one who delivered her, and if it were not for God using him, she… (more…)

It’s a Girl!

We are expecting a baby girl sometime around a month from now, and we were so blessed when our local missionary community decided to host a baby shower in her honor (mainly the Rosser family, and the Grahams).  We are still overwhelmed by all the gifts and feel much more prepared. The final ultra sound should be sometime next week.

The Happy Dance

Well, Georgie has learned to dance. I must say, he’s got the moves down pretty well.