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Well it’s that time again, dinner. And as always, the staple food of Kenya is on nearly every table in Kitale. It is called Ugali. Basically, you mix boiling hot water with maze meal until it turns into super glue. It has no additional flavoring, not even salt. It has a very bad reputation among foreigners. Some of my American friends even use… (more…)

Peter and Dan Need Sponsorship Now


I spend a lot of time showing you Peter’s photography, but I have not told you much about his past. Humphrey, our social worker, was walking home one day when he found two starving little boys digging through the trash. These two boys’ names were Peter and Dan. They had very little–basically the cloths on their back and Angeline, Peter’s… (more…)

Electricity Problems in Africa

  Excuse me for not having a post last night, my coworker was preparing to leave for America in the morning; then another one of my friends had an emergency. Our electric company has gone on strike this week. So, as you can imagine, cold showers at my house! I don’t know about you, but the sight of my electric pole makes… (more…)

International Warfare

Well, I’m sure most of you are aware, PJM (from old picture of the day), is my dad. He likes to tell funny stories and play mean jokes on people. This one tops them all. It all started a few weeks ago when we had a little fight on Facebook. I accidentally made a public announcement that PJM would be… (more…)


I think it is time to introduce you to one of Mattaw’s most beloved friends, Chewy. Peter finally captured a picture of our speedy friend. In Kenya it is pretty customary for children to abuse dogs, so Chewy’s job is to teach them how to respect animals and play nicely. She is a very smart girl. She is even potty… (more…)

The Shamba

My room mates and I have become friends with a number of locals in Kitale. One of them is James, who is a local vegetable grower. We get vegetables from him, and he sometimes has dinner with us. I had noticed that the last few times he was visiting, he would mysteriously disappear for 30 minutes at a time.  To unravel the… (more…)

Nursing, African Style

Up to this point, I have spent a lot of my time showing pictures of the kids and writing about the ministry I am working with, but I haven’t  addressed my place in the ministry. No matter how interesting, I guess no one really feels like blogging about their job after they get home! But, I will start doing this once a week. As… (more…)