Sunday Suits

African Girl in Beautiful Dress

One thing is for sure, church is considered serious business in Kitale. All the streets are packed full of traffic on Sunday morning as people try and make it to church on time. All of the little girls fashion their beautiful, handmade dresses, and all of the men wear their best suits. Whereas, little boys stand out awkwardly by just wearing their normal clothes. Here are some Sunday pictures of all the children.

4 Responses to Sunday Suits

  1. Al Luedecke says:

    The girls have such beautiful dresses and most have a bright color about them. The boys are holding back because they know that one day they will have to dress up like the men.

    Hope you are well and as happy as you sound.


    • elizabeth says:

      Probably! Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any dresses with me because I didn’t want to be flashing American fashion around. Now I wish I would have. I have been dressing like all the little boys for the last four weeks of Church. There is a seamstress in town all the women keep recommending to me. However, the boys think I am just fine the way I am and don’t need to change.

      I am very happy here! My roommates are on vacation for two weeks, so I have been enjoying some down time at home.

  2. Lady Anne says:

    Those young men in the “Boy’s Fashion” shot are just like every other bunch of teen and pre-teen males in the world, but that little boy with the blue jacket is the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen.

    • elizabeth says:

      He has his mother’s face. Both of his siblings do as well. Joseph and Grace, our two newest house parents have three biological children and he is one of them. It makes me so happy to see them getting along with their new siblings. He always comes up and grabs my hand and starts pulling, saying “play, play!”

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