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tanzania-arushaPraise the Lord for all He has done! Below are the facts regarding our two weeks of ministry in Tanzania and a few selected stories that touched my heart. In Tanzania, approximately 30% of the people are Muslim, 30% Christian (but there is plenty of cultism mixed into that figure), and 30% different traditional beliefs (aka witchcraft).

Overview of the Trip:

Our team consisted of 24 people: Kenyans, Congolese, Ugandans, Israelites, and Americans. We were quite the international group, but everyone was linked together by the same citizenship in Christ and past experience doing ministry together:

  • Exactly 201 got saved, led to the Lord through one-on-one personal evangelism!
  • 10 of them were Muslims who were saved!
  • 42 were baptized!
  • 6,300 tracts were distributed.
  • 250 responded to the gospel.
  • 1,100 persons exposed to Christ through the Jesus film.
  • More than 15,000 exposed to the gospel through all means of evangelism.
  • 398 Tanzanians involved in Evangelism training.
  • 38 pastors were presented BTCP biblical training in Arusha and Mlali, TZ. from 23 denominations.
  • 46 graduated 2 year BTCP training in 2 separate graduations in Mlali, TZ and Nakuru, Kenya.
  • 48 BTCP students were taught and encouraged.
  • Approximately 300 individuals received free medical treatment.
  • Approximately 100 received free dental treatment.
  • 48 Easy-to-Read Bibles were given out.
  • 30 Foundation Course booklets were given out.
  • 60 Bible commentary books donated to Mlali bible school.



baptism-tanzaniaPictured to the left is a mob of people pressing up against Isaac Wootton so that they too can be baptized.

After preaching during the BTCP graduation ceremony, showing the Jesus Film, offering medical and dental assistance, and performing one-on-one evangelism, many people in this small village had been exposed to the Gospel. One in particular was Vanessa. Vanessa was a young lady who attended our medical clinic. It didn’t take long for us to realize that she was one of the only villagers who spoke English, so we recruited her to translate for our prayer team. Sure enough, after 5 hours of helping us pray over people in Jesus’ name, she was exposed to the Gospel. The next day, she showed up for our BTCP students’ graduation ceremony. When Isaac gave an invitation for Baptism during the graduation, she confessed that shehad made Christ her Lord and Savior and wanted to be baptized out of obedience to Christ. Please keep her in your prayers.


The Eager Sinner

tebitha-tanzania-tripPictured to the left is Tabitha. She was my evangelism partner for the time we spent in Arusha. We spoke to a young man our age who had a simple mind. Although he smelled like alcohol, he said he had no sin, so we taught him what sin was and how all people are sinners. His eyes were opened and he received Christ as his savior. He begged us to follow him so he could take us to other people who needed to hear the Gospel. We explained that it was his job to tell them now. Around 15 minutes later, I found him down the street at an intersection chasing people down with tracks! Then, when we returned to the church, there he was, bathed, dressed nicely and sitting in the church. He was eager and ready to participate in whatever was next. It broke my heart to see how willing people in this country are to give their lives to Christ, but yet so few have been exposed to the truth.

Jesus Film

jesus-film-tanzanian-swahiliEverywhere we went, we shared the Jesus film, and every night hands went up in the air to profess belief and faith in Jesus. One of my favorite testimonies of the whole trip was when Mike (same Mike from story above) went to show the Jesus film at a village church. The place was packed. Towards the end of the film, he got up to share the Gospel. During his gospel presentation, his translator stopped translating for him. He asked her, “What is the problem?” She said, “Well, I need to get saved first! Then I can finish translating the rest for you.”

Medical Clinic

sharing-your-faith We saw around 300 patients during our trip and most of them in one day. The main reason for giving medical treatment is to share the gospel with our patients. If we were just doing it to treat physical ailments, the hopelessness would be too hard to bear, but in Christ there is hope! Unfortunately, not everyone responds to the truth. This young lady, and around four others with her, all professed to be saved, and to be Christian, but refused to believe salvation came through Jesus Christ. No matter what we said, or how many scriptures we used, they wouldn’t accept our testimony. Please pray for them all.

Team Members Impacted


congo-ministerTo be quite honest, everyone on the team walked away impacted in great ways. But there is one I would like you to pray for in particular. His name is Moise and he is one of the Wootton’s main Congolese contacts. While on the trip, he told me in his broken English that the Lord spoke to him and revealed to him the meaning “life changing.” He sees that the only way Congo will be saved is if we pursue the lost and then teach them truth instead of waiting for them to come to church. He told me it was hard for him to even sleep while he was in Tanzania because he was trying to figure out how to apply what he saw happening around him back in Congo. As of right now, he says his country is plagued by cultism and horrible forms of prosperity gospel. I have written back and forth with him since, and he has already held an evangelism training at his church and he sees things that are encouraging him. Please pray for him and his family’s safety, spiritual strength against temptations, health, and continued direction from the Holy Spirit.


graduation-tanzania-bible-college We attended two BTCP graduations, one in Mlali Tanzania, and one in Nakuru, Kenya. Graduation was a huge deal for the small remote village of Mlali. With caps and gowns brought all the way from Kenya, they were all looking good! It was a huge celebration that started around an hour behind schedule due to the excessive amount of singing and dancing (two of Tanzania’s favorite hobbies they have become famous for).

Each student who crossed the stage had to say the first commandment listed in the Bible in Hebrew “Paru va ravu!”

BTCL-bible-school-graduateThat is “Be fruitful and multiply!” Greg Wootton was challenging them to go bear spiritual fruit by making disciples. He has an amazing gift for public speaking and everyone in the crowd enjoyed learning some Hebrew from him. The Church in Tanzanian seems to have a huge love for Israel. Everywhere you go you see Israeli flags.

Prayer Needs

  • I will be trying to encourage discipleship in Nakuru and Kissi this month by training BTCP students and teachers there how to teach a simple Bible course. If I have time, I want to teach them How to use evangelism tracks. These places are far from where I live and require lots of difficult travel that will be physically demanding.
  • Next, my good friend Nikki is coming this month! I am very excited. We have some ideas planned for evangelism. Please pray for her as she travels here and back. Pray that hearts are opened to the Gospel.


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  1. Al Luedecke says:

    What wonderful work you are doing for God and the people of Africa. Reading your blog makes me happy and I feel better about the future for the human species. Please watch your physical condition so you don’t get ill as you have in the past.

    God bless you and you are ever in our prayers.


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