Sick Again

Well, I guess it is about time for me to break the silence. I haven’t been very attentive to my computer this week. I’ve been sick, and yes, as always it is because I have pushed myself too far and have relapsed, so this week I am at home resting and just doing work around town instead of traveling far.

The past two weeks:

We have a huge graduation ceremony coming up for 9 of our different schools. When everyone left for Rwanda, I was asked to help collect all the information needed for the 150 students to graduate two weeks from now. This means filling a lot of paperwork, traveling to remote areas to retrieve paperwork, double checking that paperwork, finding missing information, traveling all the way back to remote areas, finding out that the teachers don’t have the right forms and then having to somehow get those correct forms back out there….Thank the Lord for the man helping me–I was splitting the work with one of our very experienced Kenyan teachers. I think he knew more than me. It has been fun, but challenging. I had no clue how intense BTCP’s administration could be.

We have a teacher training conference this weekend. I am preparing my house for company should I need to host a couple I am friends with–which means treating my little house for mold yet again, and removing water damage and wall deterioration, plastering and painting.

Other than this, I made a trip to the Nandi Hills this Sunday (again pushing myself tooooo far), but I am so glad to have seen all my friends! I gave them the course work which I will be teaching. We spent the day planning evangelism and discipleship. Everyone is very eager to get stared.

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  1. Al Luedecke says:

    I hope you are getting back on your feet again. Maybe you can schedule your work in smaller doses to provide some down time for you. It is tough to do but I bet you will do better if you aren’t saddled with the added baggage of illness.

    We keep you in our prayers and look forward to your blog updates. God’s blessings on you and your work.


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