Share the Gospel with Coworkers

After going door to door witnessing to people in the Nandi Hills and giving them an opportunity to join discipleship groups, one of my students approached me with a beaming smile on his face. I asked him what part of that day’s ministry outreach had touched him the most. He ¬†told me the thing that moved his heart the most was how many of his employees reacted when he shared the gospel with them. [Wow! I had no clue that he worked in management…OK!] As you can imagine, many were overwhelmed by their boss’s willingness to walk all the way to their neighborhood to pray with them in their homes, counsel them, and offer them an opportunity for him to mentor them in the Word. They were moved so greatly by his willingness to minister towards them that I believe he walked away more impacted then they did. He is now realizing how important it is to be a light to those working with him and the positive effects it has upon his relationship with them. So, if you are someone’s boss, I hope this story touches your heart and moves you to take action! You may not only change the atmosphere of your working environment, but eternally impact your employee’s future.

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