Servanthood in Action


As mentioned earlier, each teacher lead one session of the conference that related to their main strengths. The topic of John’s session was servanthood  and how it relates to leadership.  John was overqualified for this topic!

Pictured above is Greg commending him on all his service. When we were in Kakuma refugee camp starting a bible school, John was with us. He went to bed later and got up earlier than anyone else on the team–sometimes as early as 4:00 am. Why? Because he was doing something exciting? No. Because he voluntarily chose to do the dishes, and prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a team of 20 people in a kitchen reaching temperatures of 115 F. Not only did he spend his early mornings and late nights cooking and cleaning under unimaginable temperatures, but he did not miss a day of ministry he had committed to in the refugee camp.  Since our trip, John has voluntarily traveled the dangerous and unimaginably bumpy 24 hour road trip back to the Refugee camp on a monthly basis to encourage, and watch over the new school. Thank you John for all your hard work!

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