Highschool Students Baptised

school-children-walking-africa-roadThere is a group of around 150 highschool students I have been teaching on Thursday afternoons at a local boarding school called Ephraim. A few weeks back, I had them use tracks to share their faith with the new Freshmen who arrived at the school (of whom around 20 gave their lives to Jesus), and since then I have been examining the topics of repentance and baptism with all of them. I have drawn pictures of stick figures going into and coming out of water so many times that I would be shocked if some of them couldn’t give a sermon on Romans 6. Week before last, 14 of them stepped up and made the decision to be baptized, and this week, the number had gone up to 28.  I asked the principal if we could have them baptized before school closed and he said “absolutely!”

Below are pictures of Bishop Ben and Edward (one of their teachers) baptizing all of them. The whole school walked miles to sing and cheer for the ones being baptized.

high-school-students-baptism-africa baptism-highschool baptism-high-school-students


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  1. Nance says:

    hope you are safe. Prayers that all is well. Take care. Amen!

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