School is out for Christmas Break

Well, school is finally out for the holidays which means I have a lot of preparation to do for the Christmas visitors! My family is flying in on Sunday with a few of my college friends to spend Christmas in Kenya. It will be quite busy tomorrow because I have to leave town Sunday to pick them up at the Nairobi airport.

But that doesn’t mean that I am the only one with visitors this week! Greg and Beverly (the missionary couple I work for) have family visiting as well. It was such a blessing to finally meet them. Their kids are missionaries in Uganda, as well as their mother-in-law, whom I spent quite a lot of time with this afternoon snapping green peas.

Only after I was half way through snapping peas did someone tell me, “don’t forget to remove the worms!” Oops. And then that, of course, lead to a conversation where Mama Newton told us about someone on the buss the other day getting out a live, snack bag of termites and eating them while they started flying around the cabin disturbing the other passengers! lol, only in Africa!

I guess you could say I had a wonderful, entertaining day.

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  1. Nora says:

    Great pics. I love all the smiles and happy faces. Tell Lisa and Bention and your family Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring wonderful opportunities for you.

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