Saying Goodbyes

Well, the pictures I took didn’t turn out. I tried deleting a few and accidentally deleted all of them! So, here is the conglomeration of posts I intended to make over the past few days:

  • Last week, Caroline and I made 4 apple pies and chicken spaghetti casserole. She is turning into quite the chef. I am proud to announce that she is now helping another missionary couple and not just me. Thank you Lord! Please keep praying that she will find more work.
  • I spent last Friday night with the youth at one of the churches I have been teaching at. It was awesome. One young man in the BTCP program and I sat with the youth around a camp fire for nearly three hours teaching them about God, praying with them, and encouraging them to stand for Christ. They were very open with us about problems in their lives and their need for guidance. We spent a lot of time talking to them about the Western Culture and conformity to the world in God’s eyes. Lucky for them, I just happened to know where to buy the supplies for smores! None of them had seen a marshmallow before. At first they laughed at me, but after I convinced them all to try one, they converted. One of them asked me, “Is it safe to eat a marshmallow raw or do you have to cook it?” Other than that small misconception, they are still slightly confused and interchangeably using the term “smore” and “hamburger.” I keep telling them that hamburgers are completely different, but they don’t seem to be convinced. 
  • Other than this, the past week has been full of goodbyes and celebrating what God has done over the past few months while praying about the future.
  • Sheila, one of my good Kenyan friends, spent a whole day in the kitchen making all of us missionaries a traditional African feast to say goodbye.
  • As everyone is departs for home, the Wootton family had one final BTCP prayer meeting at their house. We spent a lot of time praying for those we are leaving behind in Kenya and for those working in Sudan who are facing many challenges. By the time I left their home, I felt like we had celebrated Christmas back in the States. There was much feasting, many desserts, and everyone spent a very long hour in something called a sauna (which was a first time experience for me). Their whole family is amazing, and I am going to miss them for these next two months. 

6 Responses to Saying Goodbyes

  1. LM says:

    I loved reading every word, I can just feel your work over there. You will be missed while you are gone but you have been missed here too. I hope I can go to some of your Bible Study sessions while you are home. Love, Lilly

  2. AL Luedecke says:

    What wonderful stories. He lives. Be careful on the trip home. I will pray for you and your fellow travelers.

  3. Jim Roche says:

    Hey there,
    Let’s do a radio show when you get home on KCRN? I bet everyone is getting excited to see you again. Mel and I are!

    In Christ,


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