San Jacinto Clinic

San Jacinto Team

Dr. Rider (the one attempting to give me bunny ears in picture to the right) and the San Jacinto School Based Clinic have become special friends of mine over the last few weeks. They have taken me under their wing and given me the hand’s on experience I need for my trip.

Free of charge, these people have made me part their family and poured days of knowledge into me. Dr. Rider has been spending two days a week training me–giving me countless opportunities to improve my assessment skills and critical thinking capabilities. She continually offers me motivation to answer questions I would have never thought of asking.  Courtney, Mary, and TeShawna, are pictured here as well, but there are many more.

I will try and post some updates on what I am learning from them. Dr. Rider and I spent the whole day discussing parasitic nematodes (those send shivers down my spine), but now I know what they look like and how to treat them!

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