Refugee Camp

We are preparing for September 6th! To the left is a picture of Caroline (my wonderful assistant) helping me make a large stack of handouts we will use to teach people about Jesus.

What is happening on the 6th? Many from Life Changing Discipleship will be traveling to the Kakuma Refugee camp. We will be doing evangelism, outreach, pastoral encouragement/training and a medical clinic. Please pray with us that God would open hearts to the truth, that we would see a great move of God in their lives, and also for our safety.

There are over 100,000 refuges living in desperate conditions at Kakuma, with no hope, and no way out. The people come seeking refuge from violence and civil war in the Sudan, Somalia, Congo and other countries in Africa. Many have never heard the Gospel. The refugee camp is densely overpopulated and people live in desperate conditions.

The meaning of the word kakuma is “nowhere”, and the place really is in the middle of nowhere. It is in a very remote tribal region of Northern Kenya.

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  1. Duncan ogeto says:

    Elizabeth may u be rewarded for the commitment u’ve put in ensuring the gospel of JESUS riches even to the poor en hopless in kenya..GOD bless u so much.

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