Prison Pineapple and Praise Report

pineapple-prisonsWe are enjoying the biggest pineapple I have ever seen in my life, complements of the Bible students in Serere prison. The class has grown to 25 prisoners each Sunday. They are full of questions each week and complaining that John needs to add an extra 5 hours to class! They have not only blessed us with many gifts but have asked us if they can continue classes after they are released.

Prison in any African country is full of both the guilty and the innocent. I have a friend who spent 2 years imprisoned, judged guilty for speeding after he missed to see a speed limit sign. Another friend of mine missed two years of high school because he was imprisoned without trial for a murder that happened hundreds of kilometers away from where he was in boarding school. Point being, some inmates are innocent, some guilty, but no mater what their background, they all need Jesus. Prison is a difficult place that can make you hit rock bottom, and God can use it for redemption. Please pray that these inmates’ faith endures once they are released.

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