Preparing For an Adventuresome Weekend

Please pray for me this weekend. I will try and blog about all this and provide pictures as it unfolds:
A two day Leadership Training Conference where I will be teaching starts tomorrow. 

I then have a visitor coming from the States to help me with evangelism. I will be taking her two hours up the mountain to encourage the high school girls at Moi Friend’s High School. 

Sunday is the Big Day. It has been over one year now since I visited the worker housing in the Nandi Hill’s Tea Estate. We have been given permission to revisit the area. I am hoping that many of the workers will want to join our discipleship groups. The groups will be lead by the teachers I have been training. PLEASE PRAY hearts are open to the gospel.
Monday morning, my visitor and I will be heading back to Kitale. We will then shop, cook dinner for 10 people, and have everything on the table in time for Bible Study at my house.
I have spent the past few days creating a biographical study on the life, ministry and character of Stephen. I presented it in class today as part of my homework. Passed it with flying colors. Praise be to God! I was also given the honor of teaching an overview of the entire book of Exodus.

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