Precious little Feet

All our little feet

Once a month the Mattaw children spend an afternoon dusting, washing, and polishing until every shoe in the village is clean. My question is, how do they keep straight who’s are whos? One of the girls was sick last month, and it took her father 15 minutes to figure out which pair were her’s so I could take her to the doctor.

We have funny stories about shoes at Mattaw (mainly because many of our children have never worn them before coming to live with us). One of our boys was so proud of his shoes he would only wear them in the house.. He would take them off before going to school, playing outside, or using the bathroom. This way, his feet would get dirty instead of the shoes.

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  1. LM says:

    I have been noticing the shoes ever since you started your Blog. I am so impressed that the kids all have shoes. The Crocks are great, they are comfortable and colorful and fun shoes, I know, I have some. Then the dress shoes from today are nice quality shoes. Those little growing feet need good shoes. Blessings for you all this morning. May the Lord shine His light on you and you feel His presence. Love, Lilly

  2. raghavendra says:

    when i saw the shoe picture, it made me remember the school days. My mom wages a war to make me wear the shoes 🙂

  3. Al says:

    Amen, Lilly

  4. Richard McConnell says:

    Yet, another precious story, Elisabeth.

  5. Nance says:

    yes, it is a precious story — the shoes.

    My mother, born 1920 and raised before and during the Great Depression, told the same story. Shoes were saved for school and Church — otherwise, my Mama went barefoot 3 seasons of the year. After she reached 18 years and married, she never went barefoot again. (But she couldn’t keep my shoes on me! lol and I’m still barefootin’)

  6. Teri says:

    Oh, Elizabeth! What a precious picture. My heart longs to be back in Kenya…

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