Pray for a Firm Grounding in the Word

My students and I set out for door to door evangelism, looking for new students my students will teach. One thing that breaks our hearts is how many people there are in Western Kenya who claim to be Christians, and go to church, but have never heard the gospel. Almost all of the people I have spoken to believe they are saved through works–going to church/being a good person.

When Mike (my student) and I had finished sharing the gospel with the sweet lady standing in the picture next to me, she looked up at us and said she understood what we were explaining to her. I asked her if she needed prayer for anything, and she said “yes.” However, she didn’t ask for us to pray for her money, or pray for some sickness, she asked: “pray that I become firmly grounded in the Word of God!” I asked her if she had a Bible. She said “no.” So I told her that we would pray for her, but to understand that God had sent Mike and me to her as an answer to that prayer, and she needed to make a commitment. Mike went on to explain to her that we would offer her a Bible, and help her study it if she would sign up to be one of our new students. She gave us her number and is waiting for us to let her know what day classes will begin. Almost every house we visited had the same response.

So, here is your assignment and how you can help: Pray that she grows and becomes firmly grounded in the Word of God! I told her I would be sending you all a picture of her and telling you to pray. Going to these people’s doors isn’t enough, God must stir in them a heart of diligence and commitment to study with us.

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  1. Kerri says:

    With you as a teacher, I’m sure she’ll grow leaps and bounds. God Bless.

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