Praise God for Healing

Sorry for not posting any updates this past week.

I was very ill all of last week after receiving a positive malaria test and ended up at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. Thankfully, one of my Kenyan friends offered to meet me in Nairobi and took very good care of me.  I went to a specialist at Aga Khan later in the week and they confirmed that my malaria test was negative, and I had no need for antiparasitic chemotherapy. (I nearly died and then went crazy the last time they treated me for malaria, so it was a relief not taking those drugs again).  Supposedly all I had was a virus that causes horrible joint pain, uncontrollable muscle spasms, shaking, weakness, irritability, low blood pressure and nausea. It was a very odd experience indeed, but praise God, it is gone!

In the mean time, please pray for Kitale. I have had three confirmations since I returned home that we are experiencing the beginning of a three month food shortage. In anticipation of Kenyan Elections, and rumors of upcoming genocide, all grocery stores in town are letting their shelves go bare because they don’t want to be looted. Imagine going to Walmart and finding nothing on the shelves for months because Walmart anticipates violence in your town. I don’t know how serious of a deal this will be, but please pray for the people. We produce a good portion of our own food, but when there are already kids starving in your town, this only makes things look worse. The saddest part of all this is that Kitale actually has a reputation of being peaceful in the midst of clashes.


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  1. AL Luedecke says:

    I pray that God will give you a break since you are trying to help the people move closer to Him. Your path has been very tough but I hope you can be safe as you continue to try to work.

  2. Holly says:

    Will definitely be praying for peace in Kitale and for food resources.

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