Positive Women with a Positive Outlook

[Permission was granted to share this story]

After sharing my testimony one day, a women came and spoke with me. ¬†She said “Now that you have shared your testimony, I want to share mine with you.” She went on to describe how she was positive (HIV positive). She was one of the first diagnosed with the disease. She described how her husband morally fell after she infected him. He gave into alcoholism after his diagnosis and they faced untenable financial problems. She told me “you wouldn’t believe the way we were living.” Soon after being diagnosed, her husband died from the disease and she found that her children were also positive. She has had to listen to them cry and blame her for their physical problems. Around this point in her story, her eyes began to well up, and she told me how Jesus had rescued her from it all. She has been forgiven for the horrible things that she had caused to come upon her family. Not only has she been forgiven, but she has meaning, purpose, and peace in her life now. She is physically healthy. God has preserved her and given her long life so that she might share with others the peace she has found in Him. She spends a lot of her time studying God’s word and speaking at high schools. She teaches young students about the disease, how her immoral behavior in high school caused her whole family to suffer, and how Christ has rescued her from all of it.

The most powerful testimonies come from those who are not ashamed to fully admit the things which Christ has gloriously rescued them from. Sometimes we have to humble ourselves to show the fullness of His grace. Truth is, if we are saved, there is no one too far gone for Him to reach.

4 Responses to Positive Women with a Positive Outlook

  1. Al Luedecke says:

    Amen, Sister!

  2. mary says:

    Hi, I come from Kitale but live and work in baltimore MD. I just came across your blog after i googled my home town. Thanks for the work that you are doing and may God bless you abundantly. I am sure that He will guide you well in your endevours.

    • elizabeth says:

      How cool! I have always wondered what it would be like growing up in this town. I am glad to hear from you. I love Kitale, but unfortunately, it is growing very fast. It is becoming a city and crime rates are increasing.

  3. Jim Roche says:

    Very powerful testimony. It is “amazing grace” mixed with just enough faith equals freedom from sin, shame, and bondage of guilt with hope for the future. Why are so many ashamed to tell others what Jesus delivered them from? Pride….which leads to….. Elizabeth, your a blessing to many! Keep it up Sis!

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