Group Hug

George, Peter, and I

Well, Peter and I posed for a nice picture today, but then Georgie thought we were cuddling and ran out in front of the camera and tackled us. He doesn’t think any hug is complete without him in the middle.

Peter and I spent all of yesterday afternoon at the hospital waiting on tests and x-rays. He has a bad knee. We don’t completely know what is going on, but the medial side of his femur is twice the size of the lateral. He says there is no pain, but I have seen him guarding it before.

4 Responses to Group Hug

  1. Bob says:

    Prayers being sent out for Peter especially and all the children; and prayers for their caregivers like you and those you work with

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you very much! I predict it will be a month or so before we have his knee surgery. I will keep everyone updated on it.

  2. RTD says:

    Wow, thta looks like it should hurt to walk.

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes! Luckily he doesn’t weigh that much. But if those tourists don’t stop feeding him, he is going to become a brick.

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