marriage-conference--teso-ugandaWe receive no salary or compensation for our work. It is because of God working in the hearts of individual supporters that we are able to continue sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple-ing people in East Africa.
Below is an estimation of our monthly expenses:

$800 for personal living expenses
$1000 for ministry expenses (However, this fluctuates)





You can support our continued Ministry in East Africa by making a tax deductible contribution at the Link Below.

You can sign up for monthly paypal support, which is also tax dedutctible here:

Provide Monthly Support for Mission Work

You can Support our Work by making a Tax Deductible Donation by Check through College Hills Baptist Church. Send checks to:

Uganda Missions, College Hills Baptist Church
2102 Johnson St.
San Angelo, TX 76904

(Make check to College Hills Baptist Church and Sidemark “UGANDA MISSIONS”)

Our work dependson God working through your love and generosity. Thank you for your prayers and support.

60 Responses to Partnership

  1. Michael O'Neal says:

    I am praying for u! Keep me updated! 🙂

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank You!

      • Rustin Carlson says:


        I have been looking through your site on Kenya. I actually stumbled upon your blog when looking for pictures for some promotional material. But after reading what you are doing, I wanted to start a dialog with you about the possibilities of helping you in your work there.

        I’m an American businessman and my wife works with girls who have been trafficked. I have had some encounters with God about caring for orphans in Africa and so through extensive prayer and waiting on the Lord, we have started an organization called Orphanomics.

        Orphanomics does something that no one else is doing: We work with schools in the U.S. to connect American students to projects among orphans in developing countries. We develop partnerships with organizations in the field (you) and the students here use our unique system to raise funds to pay for the project we set up with you. This gives students here a chance to change the world while they are still in school. And orphans / children-at-risk are cared for and introduced to Christ. Everyone wins, and Christ is exalted.

        So… I’m thinking I would like to dialog with you via email and see if you have projects among orphans that you are being led to attempt. If so, I’d love to hear about them. Please feel free to email me at:

        Rustin Carlson

  2. Saxon says:

    I am praying for you! Your story and what your doing touched my heart Elizabeth!

  3. Carmelia says:

    Serious follower with this blog, a lot of your articles have truly helped me out. Awaiting improvements!

  4. Na says:

    Absolutely love the new appear. I was pleased with this content. Many thanks for the impressive blog.

  5. The Luedeckes says:

    We are glad to see you preparing for a wonderful quest and adventure. You are doing what most of us just talk about so it will be very important to keep us posted on your new life in Kenya. We will be watching wistfully. God will see you through it.

    Al and Pat

  6. rebecca says:

    God bless u for all the work u do in kenya for all they sick and ills people

  7. harshit says:

    hey you are jsut doing the awesome job not for you but for the world . you have seen the pain of the childrens .thier problems,poverty etc. god is always with you . you will have a grand sucess.
    i love the way you are god blesss. 🙂 tc

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately, we don’t have to go all the way to Kenya to see such a mission field. I have seen a lot of kids here in the USA that just get brushed under a rug and forgotten.

  8. Rommel says:

    Hi Elizabeth, may the Lord bless your heart as you share your precious life for the people in Africa. Keep me updated, I will uphold you in my prayers and in prayer meetings in our churches and cell groups. God bless!

    Rommel from the Philippines

  9. elizabeth says:

    Thank you! I greatly appreciate your prayers. I have many friends from the Philippines, and I have heard some amazing stories of the ministry happening there. I will be praying for your church.

  10. chuck b says:

    Well, before I send money I require proof these days, to all charity or mission work. ask god to tell you the best way to get at my store room. I am not trying to be difficult or trying to hurt you. but these days there are so many scams on the web. To sow into good ground is being a good steward of his gifts, I will
    make it worth the time and trouble. chuck

  11. Charles says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Reading your story and your passion to serve The Lord is really exciting. When I spend time with The Lord, I usually pray for missionaries in general, but it is exciting to know about your goals and that you will be in Mataw. I too would like to become a missionary to another country, and am praying for The Lord’s direction in this. Look to The Lord always – He is our source for all we need. God bless you sister.

    In Jesus,

    “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God.” Psalm 42:1-2a

  12. Charles says:

    I apologize, but in my previous post, I forgot to let you know that I will be continually praying for you and ministry. I pray that He will use you as His vessel to reach the people in Kenya, and open their hearts to His word. I pray that The Lord will bless you and give you the strength you need and bless you with joy. The Lord will be with you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth says:


      Words could never express how thankful I am to hear that you are praying for me. Usually, when I ask people for prayer they say “oh, sure,” but don’t really understand the commitment or the power of prayer. It is truly a blessing to know there is someone really praying for me and praying with expectation! Strength in Christ is exactly what I need prayer for.

      Thank you!

  13. Nora Sheffield says:

    I was so moved by your presentation at our church Sunday. I can tell you will be a loving, caring nurse for the children in Matawa. Your faith in God will help you give them the total care they need including introducing them to God and prayer as well as physical needs. My prayers will be with you on your journey and I look forward to you sharing your mission with us. God Bless you and keep you.

  14. elizabeth says:

    Thank you Nora for your encouraging words. I was just working on your thank you note right now! lol. I enjoyed meeting you this last week. You have a wonderful church family and I have been and will continue to pray for everyone at Valera Baptist. I also appreciate your prayers.

  15. Lori Hurt says:

    We are praying for you as you begin this journey. God has great things in store for you! We love you

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you Lori. I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I have had a bad internet connection over the last few days. Please pray for us safety on the roads. people here drive 70 on roads barely safe enough for 30, and there are people walking all over them at the same time! It took eight hours to get here and there wasn’t a minute that passed by without people inches away from our buss.

  16. Nora Sheffield says:

    I was so glad to hear that you arrived safely. Your dad wrote me an email, to thank me for a donation to paypal, and to tell me that you arrived safely and were getting things set up. It was very thoughtful for him to do that. As always my prayers are with you as you get started with your nursing/ministry. If you ever run into something you can’t get and need, let me know and maybe I can help. Take care and God Bless

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you so very much. I have a post to make regarding how far an American dollar goes in Kenya! Your donation will have covered my expenses to travel from Nairobi to Kitale. I greatly appreciate your generosity.

  17. Frannie says:

    I’m so blessed by your sharing with us (through your blog) the work you do in Kenya. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the lives of these people and your ministry in this way. I don’t have internet at home, so the first thing I do when I get to work is check out your blog. You have a very generous and giving heart for the beautiful children of Mattaw. They may be living in poverty, but they all look so happy in your pictures – that must be because you and others have shared Christ with them. You, the rest of your team, and the people of Mattaw are in my prayers daily. God bless you Honey!!!!

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words. I just feel blessed to be the one here seeing it all happen. God is the one working in Kenya.

  18. Diana says:

    Wow!! Read through the website and am growing in excitement over what you’re doing in Kenya! Would love to partner with you in prayer, and have already determined to stay updated with your work.
    I’m about 2 months into a Practical Nursing program; one I am truly loving and enjoying.
    We share a love of Africa and her many children in need of a nurse’s touch.
    Would love to keep in touch through e-mail

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you Diana, it is nice to meet you. Good luck with classes! I appreciate your interest in my work and for the prayer.

  19. I was posted your site while looking up information about Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia…where the Civil War Treatise was signed. It is not December first here in Lincoln, Nebraska…I hope to post whatever monetary donation I can before the Sunday ends at 11:59″99”’Before the fifth of next month…I like to know you pray for the divine reason, I will always feel better because of what you are… so I might know the will of Jesus Christ and not only pertaining to silence and rest, but to help others live a betterment of all life.
    Thanks for the beautiful photo records and brief, My name is Bob

  20. Continue the good work you are doing Elizabeth. I know the depth of poverty, illiteracy, and medical challenges you face in Africa. I spent over 2 years in Nigeria’s Niger Delta and one of my team’s plans was to build two hospitals.I did get to consult and offer advice to private and governmental agaencies to improve conditions but I always felt I hadn’t done enough.

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you Jeffrey. I hear many of my friends saying the same thing, but once you put all of our work together, we are making a huge impact. I have always wanted to visit Nigeria!

  21. Joe Holloway says:

    Glory to God for people like you! I am so glad for your website and posts, it is an encouragment to see plans in action! My prayers are with you and I am blessed by you. Please keep up the work for our Lord’s sake.
    God bless,

  22. Joe Holloway says:

    My prayers are offered up for you and your work. Keep it up, you are an encouragment.
    God bless you.

  23. Edgardo says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    You above all should forgive me for how I write. The English must be very bad, because I do not master the language. Then I use google translator to be able to make you understand me.
    I live in Brazil, in Santo André, just outside Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world.
    I am Umbanda, the only religion truly Brazilian, but it has roots in African Candomblé. Our base in Umbanda is a Christian, following the words of Jesus and guidelines.
    Our educational work, the delivery is just for the sake of your hands and heart, turning people into God’s instrument.
    Our daily demand is at the service of God, learning to love unconditionally.
    Your choice for nursing, as denoting the same love that God asks us to have our neighbor, even more, with their dedication to the needy children of Africa.
    I wish with my message, do you get my joy to see her devoting himself to God through the children, and always be blessed in your life.
    God’s workers are rare, and those who choose to serve, their lives become an example, and jewelry to shine on Earth, reflecting the light which God lavishes upon us.
    I say farewell, wishing prosperity and much joy to you.

  24. kelly says:

    We have followed your father’s blog for a long time, and have felt moved to support you in your ministry. My husband and I pray for your strength and for your hope and joy as you serve the Lord in ways that we cannot. Thank you for giving your whole self to Him, dear sister. May your efforts be magnified, and much glory be brought to His Kingdom!!
    Happy New Year and God bless you.

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I am greatly encouraged by your family’s generosity and interest in my ministry.

  25. Dr. Ramon G. Rivera says:

    Great Work……wonderful ministry.
    Continue……help is on the way….it’ll take a while but keep on moving forward because it’ll be right on time….all the help you’ll need to resolve all.

  26. Juan says:

    I wish all the best and a fast recovery!!!
    Let God give you all the strenght that you might need durign this hard time.
    Greetings from the mission field in Germany

  27. Tom & Kathie Frederick says:

    Hello from Hampton, VA. How are things with you? Saw the comment regarding ” your Recovery.” Mised reading anything about this.PRAYING THAT ALL IS WELL…Chaplain tom

  28. Brandie says:

    WOW! What a journey the lord has lead you through! I pray that you are feeling stronger each day…

    I am friends with someone in Kibera and have been collecting for a care package that I am planning on sending him this coming week. I have about 2 large rubbermaid tubs full of supplies that many friends have donated to. Would you have any advice on the best way to ship it there? I imagine you have some experience shipping things to Kenya. Thank you for any insight you may be able to share about that…


  29. Sonny K says:

    I am no christian but to me you are a true guardian angel.Kenya is blessed ,Africa is blessed,the whole World is blessed to have such a caring person like you.Good things will always come your way and through you goods things will come to the people you are caring for.

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you very much, but I can assure you, I wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for Jesus changing my heart. The Bible says that we become a “new creation” and are “transformed by the renewing of our minds” to reflect Jesus more and more as we get to know him. So, in a sense, what you seeing is Him, not me.

  30. joshua says:

    Am thankful that GOD has guided you to Kenya to make a change by helping the young kids

  31. Virginia Wingler says:

    I saw the pictures of the Uno cards, and it broke my heart. I know I have 2 or 3 sets her that my girls don’t play with anymore. That being said. Would there be a way to mail them to you, or your home church? Could we send toys, or treats for Christmas and birthdays? It would be a great thing to be able to get my family, and maybe our local school involved.

    God bless you!

    • elizabeth says:

      I appreciate your idea, but in my past experience mailing things here is very expensive and things usually don’t show up till six months later and they are not in one piece. I have tried this before.

  32. Maria Yvonne says:

    you have a great job dear… God looks after you… if you alow me, i will share your photo in my facebook, hoping that some of my friend will help… thank u God be with you…

  33. Joshua Boitt says:

    God bless the work of your hand for the help you give those in need back in my country ,you have sen and heard their cries and surly Lord be with you ,from India with thanks ..My home town is Kitale Kenya where you have done what Politicians neglect, you have a heart of peace ,harmony and one world in you !

  34. Mickey Thompson says:

    Thank you for your dedication to God’s work. I am so glad to pray for your work and keep up with your posts and learn more about your needs. I hope to support your work in many more ways.

  35. stephen muiruri says:

    AM RN trained in Kenya with 14 years experience.I relocated to USA in November 2011.I did my board exam and now am working as RN at manor care nursing home Wilmington Delaware.Am also a born again Christian with interest in missionary work(am a minister with wonderful life churches in central Kenya).I would like very much to partner with your work,but I have a family of 5 who need my care.Let me know if it is possible to work with you,while am getting a salary to maintain me and my family.God bless you.

    • elizabeth says:


      Thank you for your willingness to help. At the time, I am not working as a nurse, but as a Bible teacher and personally would not be capable of offering anyone a paying jobs in medicine. In Kenya, the only medical opportunities I have ever heard of are volunteer work.

  36. samuel says:

    I salute you Madam. Got to know you through Rose (kitale). I am a teacher of the word (not the best but passionate). Someday I hope I will meet you and offer my services to you and the God we serve…”for they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the power of their testimony, not loving their lives even to death” Rev 12:11. hold these words, they have helped me, you have my words they will help you too. May the Lord in whose vineyard we are co-laborers bless you as per the abundance of HIS love and the richness of HIS glory. Samuel

  37. Nelson kiptoo Rugut says:

    Introduction of Biblical foundation in nandi hills has brought a great impact to my ministry because a class turn to be a church. I thank God for ay bringing the course. I will adopt this system to be in the programme of the church has bible study before the service.
    God bless

  38. Pst.Nelson k Rugut says:

    I Thank God for the great work you are doing here in Africa especially nandi hills region. You started this work in an humble ground and now i have seen the result in biblical foundation. Your strategy is one of the best for disciple making.
    We in BTCP class, praying for your service serving God
    pst. Nelson

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much Nelson! I am just now seeing your post. You and the rest of your class have been a huge encouragement to me.



    am praying for God’s strength upon your life

  40. Dennis says:

    Hey I’m Dennis from Kenya but currently in USA.thanks for the love you have for our country.
    Can you email me

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