Our Upcoming Photographer

Well, Peter is back to running around Mattaw with my camera. (If you remember, Peter is the boy with Cards for Kenya). Unfortunately, he is back to his old habit of cropping everyone’s head out of the picture. I also caught him running into his room to get pictures of Chumba’s dirty diaper, but luckily his mother saved my camera from that mess.

Someone could easily complete a dissertation on an eight year old boy’s fascinations by just looking at my camera. But like I said, Grace saved us from seeing the worst.

2 Responses to Our Upcoming Photographer

  1. Rebecca says:

    We know you will really miss your friend Lisa. She is a real blessing. I have confidence that Peter will get back in the swing of things. But an eight year old — loose with a camera — could be embarrasing for sure!

  2. elizabeth says:

    Oh yes, I am missing her greatly. It’s hard not to grab an extra plate, or cup during supper time. I’ve really missed walking to town with her every day.

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