Ortum Town Pokot

Three hours drive past where I live on the road to Kakuma Refugee Camp lies a little village called Ortum. It is in Pokot territory and looks like something out of an old western movie. My friend and I went to visit the newly opened BTCP class there. I was so blessed to meet all of Pastor Ruben’s new students. It is a very large class. Thomas (our director) awarded all of them with their new text books, I passed out the foundation course books, and we both spoke on the importance of studying and disciplining others in their communities. The students are excited and ready to start discipling others in their town, so pray for them! Pray that there would be a revival in this area of Pokot. 

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  1. Kerri says:

    So good to see a post! Started to get worried : )

    • elizabeth says:

      Sorry! I have been so busy lately, I haven’t posted anything happening. I have a ton of pictures saved up on my computer and am trying to ketch up on blogging.

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