Organics 4 Orphans

sending-out-disciplesWe spoke to James and Peter last night over the phone. We sent them off to Kenya around one week ago for a very intense agricultural training with “Organics 4 Orphans.” The training covers much about nutrition, medicinal plants, and how to educate villagers in an effort to fight starvation–which is a problem in their villages. They have been enjoying themselves, but it turns out there is one catch to the training: they are not allowed to eat anything but the green vegetables they are studying in class! No atapa, no ugali, no milk tea, no bread, meat etc. Oh my, I figure they will be returning to us very healthy a month from now!

James says there are men studying with them from five different countries. He says his new peers want him to teach them things from the Bible. He says he feels more motivated than ever before to study!

John can’t wait until they get back. He keeps joking with us that everyone will be adapting to the new diet when they return. I don’t think he knows how hard it is to give up carbs! The new compound we are shifting to has a huge field next to the main house that will easily serve as a garden.

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