One Man’s Trash, Another’s Treasure

This week, one of our students is seriously sick and on an IV drip. Please keep him in your prayers. Because we don’t want to start New Testament survey without him, we are taking a week off to till the soil. We are still getting our field ready for what will eventually become a community, organic farming demo field.

John went outside of town looking for bricks to purchase for the raised beds. As he was negotiating with the local brick maker, he looked around the man’s back yard, and behold! The holy grail every organic farmer dreams of: large piles of composted chicken poop. He asked if it was for sale. The man looked a little confused at first, but agreed  to let him remove the chicken poop from his compound for a full $4. It was enough to fill the dump truck bed pictured below. We cant wait until our sick student gets back. He is very enthusiastic about farming and wont believe his eyes!  

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