Organic Farming Classes

I love this picture because it looks like aerobics class gone organic farming…I think it could be the next big thing!

Ok, time for some accountability. Below is all of James and Peter’s work:

James has 3 class that have been meeting for two months:

  • Class 1 has 12 members, 120 raised beds dug, and 24 compost piles
  • Class 2 has 12 members, 80 raised beds dug, and 15 compost piles
  • Class 3 has 12 members, 120 raised beds dug, and 20 compost piles


Peter has 2 classes. (Peter just broke away from helping James last week to start his own classes. Things are moving incredibly fast)

  • Class 1 has 12 members, 20 raised beds dug, 3 compost piles
  • Class 2 has 5 members, 40 raised beds dug, and no compost (they promise by next week to have some started but finding the material is very difficult in their area)


As of this week, all these people will be studying a Biblical Foundation Course in their language as part of their class period. They all come from different religious backgrounds. Also, as of this week, Scovia will begin doing children’s ministry with their children while they are in farming class. As we minister towards these families, we hope for them to be spiritually, physically, and financially mature. There are many people in the community willing to attend an agriculture class who are not willing to attend church and this gives us a way to build relationships with them and minister towards them.

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