Only 2 Days Left!

Only two days until I will be leaving the USA for Kenya.

I have greatly enjoyed helping with the Christoval River Ministry since I have been home. One of my brothers in Christ, Clifton Brown, preaches repentance to the very worldly crowed that comes to the park each weekend. We go out into the park inviting people, praying with them, and offering them some barbecue. This week we served around 150 people. We have also met some believers there who have continued to fellowship with us.

Below is a picture of my baptism at the River Ministry. I have been baptized before, but never felt like it was a true commitment that I chose to make–it was something church kids were just expected to do. There were a lot of non-believers watching this time, which made it quite different than the first time! It was a great┬átestimony.

4 Responses to Only 2 Days Left!

  1. Nora Sheffield says:

    Elizabeth, my love and prayers go with you as you return to your “other” home. You are such a strong person firm in your beliefs. It takes people like you who are joyful into the Lord and want to share it with everyone. Be safe and God go with you

  2. PJM says:

    Love the last picture . . . no shoes, no shirt, no problem!

  3. Jennifer Spearman says:

    Elizabeth, Your baptism brings tears to my eyes! God is so GREAT! My little brother was also re-baptised as an older adult as he felt the same way. I think it is a great testimony not only to those non-believers but to those who were raised in the church and are just following the motions expected. We are all so proud of you and your work. May you be safe and always have God with you on your travels.

    • elizabeth says:

      Sorry Jennifer! I saw your comment a week ago and didn’t know it hadn’t been approved. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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