Thank You

I thank everyone for their support. Due to people’s generosity, and a few friends who have offered to support me on a monthly basis, I have raised enough money to cover my airfare and six months of living expenses. Now, I hope to continue raising money for equipment! I plan to buy some really nice equipment and take it to Mattaw as a surprise.



The 6th was the national day of prayer and fasting. My family and the church have continued this week to pray for the upcoming revival by confessing our sins to each other, praying for each other, and praying for the revival. I ask everyone to continue praying that God will meet us in the park and use us to work miracles in our community. Come join us this weekend in Pugh Park!

First Baptist Church of Eldorado

I spent today in Eldorado fundraising. I had been praying for God to open hearts and He opened flood gates. Their generosity left me holding back tears! Many of them are ranchers and farmers who are financially effected by drought. And right now, we are experiencing the worst in a lifetime, but they gave above and beyond.  I know God honors those who generously give when they have little.

Hydroponic Veggies

The pictures I have included are from my hydroponic greenhouse at home–my mother makes the best salads on earth!

It sounds as if Mattaw Children’s Village would enjoy some agricultural independence. Some of their children have HIV and other chronic heath problems, and their treatment would benefit from dietary changes that are not feasible at this time (AKA the stuff just isn’t available).

Although I’m a nurse, I do have some experience with hydroponic green housing. This would be a great way to grow vegetables and fruits the Children could eat while decreasing the number of parasites, pest, and bacteria that would prove harmful to an immunodeficient child. Depending on how complex a greenhouse is, you may be able to grow whatever you need any day of the year, and crops take very little time to grow.


I spent time today in the great town of Eldorado, Texas preparing for this Sunday. The First Baptist Church there has given me ten minutes to speak about my ministry on Sunday and allowed me to fill their bulletins with my support letters.

I lived in Eldorado during my final years of high school. This church helped me though one of the roughest periods of my life, gave me an opportunity for spiritual growth, and provided me with a family away from home. I hope they find what I have to say encouraging! Churches enjoy  witnessing God work in peoples lives whom they’ve impacted.

Prayer from Exodus

Well, I have caught the cold. But it’s provided me time to sit and listen to the Lord. Sometimes I forget to make time for this, so illness, can be a blessing.

I just finished Exodus this morning. While building the tabernacle, it was said in chapter 35, verse 5 “take among you an offering to the LORD. Whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as an offering to the LORD: gold, silver, and bronze;” Later, in chapter 36 verses 6b-7 “and the people were restrained from bringing, for the material they had was sufficient for all the work to be done–indeed too much.” This has been my prayer for Bud and Kimberly Huffman and the others at Mattaw. That God would continue to bless them financially so they can provide for these new children.

Weekend in Christoval

I spent this Sunday with my family at Christoval Baptist Church. The congregation generously payed for my first month of rent in Kitale, Kenya.

Also, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Hollie Garcia this weekend! She is an RN who lived at Mattaw for over a year. She was full of insight, and gave me a clear picture of what living in Africa is like.