Leaving September 5th

I must say thank you to everyone who has provided for me financially! I have purchased my plane ticket and am planning to leave on the 5th of September. I am still raising money for my living expenses and equipment. I also set up a Bank of America account so I can manage my finances while in Kenya.


My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend. I spent some time raising money at my Church (College Hills Baptist), but the majority of my time was spent with Anuj and Smita! They came all the way from Washington D.C. to spend time with us. Last night, they served us traditional Indian dinner. It was the best meal of my life. I have a feeling my down time in Kenya is going to be spent learning how to cook Indian food!

Revival at the Rope Swings

Robert stopped by my house yesterday, and I heard a little more about the revival that will take place in Christoval this August. Everyone feel free to come out on August 6th to fast and pray that God will open peoples hearts so they may hear what Robert has to say!

If you would like to attend the Revival (which is on August 12-14), visit: http://www.tent-revival.org

Comparing Kenya with the USA

I wandered onto WHO’s website today. Some of their statistics really stood out to me!


  • Population: 39,802,000
  • GNP: 1,560
  • Life Span m/f: 58/62 years
  • Probability of dying under 5 per 1000: 84
  • Probability of dying 15-60 m/f: 358/282 years
  • Total Expenditure of GDP on Heath: 4.3%


United States

  • Population: 314,659,000
  • GNP: 46,790
  • Life Span: m/f 76/81
  • Probability of dying under 5 per 1000: 8
  • Probability of dying 15-60 m/f: 134/78
  • Total Expenditure of GDP on Heath: 16.2%

Facial Palsy

Ear Infections

Facial Paralysis is commonly accepted as Bell’s Palsy; I learned a different cause today: Otitis Media. It is amazing to think something as simple as an ear infection could paralyze your face! As pressure in the middle ear grows, bones shift, and the facial nerve (VII) becomes inflamed. The cure is to treat the ear infection, but it still requires hospitalization for examination. I hope they don’t have a lot of ear infections out there–but I’m sure they do.

The Kenya Shilling

One quarter is almost worth 25 Kenyan dollars, (actually called shillings). And, yes, they are divided into 100 cents.

Imagine going to buy a car and getting a bill for 1,800,000! Or making 180 a day, but not have enough money for a family meal. Or, paying 900 for a movie ticket.




I have another video to share with you from Mattaw. Mattaw’s theme verse is Isaiah 61:1-41.

Fundraising Update

I spent yesterday in Eldorado, Texas at my grandmother’s church. Everyone was touched to hear of Mattaw and the ministry taking place there. The church was very generous to take my support letters and send them to people in their community. There were also people in the congregation who were willing to partner with me!

Also, the Old Picture of the Day Blog was generous enough to send me some traffic. I have received lots of generous donations on line both yesterday and today. Thank you again!

Next week, I will be speaking at College Hills Church (my home church).