Not Your Typical Teenager

For the past three months, there has been a team visiting from Slavic Missionary Bible School (SMBS). One day, they wondered upon Eli’s home while taking a shortcut from their house to the vegetable market. Eli’s aunt persistently invited them  to come and eat dinner at her home, so they used the opportunity to start a Bible Study once a week with Eli’s family (and of course it wasn’t soon after that that John, I, and all our students were over there having Bible study and eating her food—she might be the best cook on earth).
eli-baptismTo our surprise, last Sunday, Eli, his aunt, and the rest of his family stood up and introduced themselves as new visitors at the church we attend! The whole sermon was on salvation through faith not works and at the end there was an alter call for baptism (they did this because many people had missed out on the opportunity given a few weeks back). Eli was one of the first to say he wanted baptism. Turns out the SMBS team had taught him much about it while they were here. We jumped in the car, drove him back to his house to pick up his clothes, and that is when his younger sister also decided that she needed to be baptized too.

After the baptism ceremony, John invited Eli to come along with him to the prison ministry in Serere. He agreed and John told him to get ready; we would pick him up. Well, John forgot. John usually never forgets anyone, but this time he really forgot. He was already an hour down the dusty road when he remembered Eli. John was so upset, but what could be done? He got out of the car and started class with the prisoners. Around 10 minutes later, John saw a young man walking into his class who wasn’t dressed in prison clothes. Sure enough it was Eli. Eli had used his own pocket money to pay a motorbike to drive him an hour down a dusty road. An hour down a very bumpy, dusty road so that he could sit in a hot, stinky jail and study the Bible. All I can say is that I wouldn’t label Eli your “typical” teenager!  John says the young man has really touched his heart; he will be inviting him back with week.

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