New Shoes

Pictured here is Shayh, she is a pediatric physical therapist from the States and has been a great blessing to us this week. All the kids want to play with the equipment she donated AKA “the new toys.” Her equipment is a huge contrast to Kitale’s physical therapy center–which is about the closest thing I have ever seen to a Medieval torture chamber.

Without knowing what to bring, she jumped on the plane with a pare of shoes to correct an abnormal eversion of the foot–which one of our children just happenes to have. Not only this, but the shoes fit perfectly! Here she is helping the little girl take her first few steps with her new shoes.

2 Responses to New Shoes

  1. LM says:

    Beautiful pictures, every day we see the Lord’s Blessings come to Mattaw. Lilly

  2. Rebecca says:

    There God goes again — providing for a need, before being asked!! It is wonderous in our eyes!

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