Nandi Hills

While I was in the Nandi Hills, a few of the pastors asked me about the BTCP curriculum. A week later, I told the Directors whom I work with about what God had been doing in the Nandi Hills and asked if they would be open to me forwarding these Men of God some information regarding BTCP classes. To my surprise  they said “No! We won’t forward them information. We will go back for them! You and Thomas (one of the directors) will go and introduce them to the teachers in Kapsabet [which is largest town in Nandi].” I must say I was very excited. I wrote all the pastors, they gave me a date and Thomas and I were on our way to Kapsabet. The pastors were very excited to see the books and are very eager to form a class whenever the Lord opens doors. 

(The organization I work with, Life Changing Discipleship, is a non-denominational bible school which teaches the Bible Training Center for Pastors’ curriculum.)

This also gave me the opportunity to discuss with the Pastors, and the BTCP teachers in Nandi hills, the possibility of returning to the tea plantation camps with Bibles and also ask the BTCP students if they would be willing to accompany me and help disciple the workers who live there. All I can say is praise God! If it is in His will, He makes a way. They are all very excited about the idea and praying that God will allow us to go.

Above is a picture of Pastor Julius. He took home a copy of the foundation course (the book that I teach). It is a great tool for teaching new believers.

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  1. AL Luedecke says:

    Like a ship pulling out of port, the movement at the start is difficult. After the ship builds momentum (as you are doing now), you begin to speed up and cover more distance. I believe your personality and drive will a force in spreading His word throughout Kenya.

    Keep stroking and keep us up to speed on how you are doing. He lives.

    • elizabeth says:

      Wow, Al, you are quite the Philosopher! That is a great analogy. I hope you don’t mind me quoting you when people back home ask me how my last six months have been! Very well said in one paragraph. It takes a slow start, but when you are patient, God takes you where you are needed and then utterly amazes you with what He is accomplishing.

      Thank you for your encouraging words.

  2. Rebecca says:

    As Al Luedecke says, you are building momentum in your service for Jesus. The ripples in the pond are spreading farther and farther —

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