Nairobi Trip

Praise the Lord! As mentioned in my last news letter, I planned on taking a friend with me to Nairobi to visit a doctor. We have had a successful trip there and back. She has been assessed by a professional, diagnosed, and is receiving treatment. The treatment seems to be greatly improved her upper air way. I will take her back for allergy testing in a few months if problems begin again.

The doctor told me allergy testing was very, very expensive, and I should consider the cost before coming back. I gulped, closed my eyes, and asked how much. The doctor replied “Well, I don’t know, it could cost up to $45.” I must say, expensive medical treatment has a very different meaning here than in the USA! It usually costs around $300 for allergy testing in the States.

OK, so, moving on to a different topic…I have to share a wonderful discovery I made in Nairobi called “Sub-Zone.” It is a fast food copy cat of Subway. I got a big laugh, but I will hand it to them, their sandwich meat is much better than Subway’s. However, they don’t have the “Eat Fresh” logo, so I will remain a fan of Subway. 

2 Responses to Nairobi Trip

  1. James Wahome says:

    Subway is also in Nairobi

  2. Derrick says:

    I really appreciate these posts. Keep them coming and Praise the LORD!!

    I tell all of my friends about your wonderful faith in GOD, and all that you do through CHRIST!!


    Derrick LaCombe

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