My Little Buddy

I had shared with you about a month ago how I got to participate in the “Rescue” of Peter. Peter was surviving by digging through garbage to try and find small scraps to eat. It was one of the most memorable days of my life to get to go pick him up, and bring him to Mattaw. Peter has adjusted well to his new life. What is heartwarming to me is to watch him have the chance to simply be a child. This is a video I took of several of the children singing. Peter is the child in the background, well,  . . . being a child. Enjoy!

6 Responses to My Little Buddy

  1. Debbie says:

    ahahaha! what a wiggleworm 🙂 I hope the malaria is on its way out the door and you’re feeling better

    • elizabeth says:

      Oh I feel completely back to normal, except now my roommate and I both have typhoid. Good news is, I took some Cipro before it hit hard, so I am on the upswing.

  2. Frannie says:

    Oh, to have energy like that again!! They do look like they’re having a great time. It’s very sad that there are so many children who never have moments like those. Great video!!!

  3. Nora Sheffield says:

    Isn’t it funny how throughout the world though, that children will make the same faces in front of a camera. Gotta love them

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