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John at the front door of his parents’ hut

John’s Testimony

I was raised during a time of rebellion. My earliest childhood memories are of war, gunfire, and fleeing with my family for our lives from place to place. My siblings and I use to sleep in the swamp on papyrus reeds to hide from soldiers and my mom feared cooking us food because the smoke could attract enemies. By the time I was five or six, I went deaf for a while because of gunfire. Once peace came, I watched my dad become addicted to alcohol and leave us for a lifestyle of polygamy. The only times he would return home was to try and kill Mom so he could bring one of his other wives home. Because of this, my family had nothing. I was sixteen years old before I had a pair of shoes, and I was a child who knew what it felt like to go hungry at night. Through this all, there was one blessing God placed in my life: my mom was a true Christian. A mature, Christian woman who had been persecuted for her faith, stood the test, and knew the Word. Before marrying my father, her family refused to clothe her because she wouldn’t participate in brewing the alcohol that provided for them. When tough times came, she never left us, she never left the Lord, and she never left our father. She struggled through a life of intense physical labor to feed all nine of us, and made sure we were in church each week. After finishing school, I moved to the city and got a job to pay for college. Like a good Christian, I went to church every week, but my lifestyle was that of a non believer. I had been baptized, confirmed, and could speak of Jesus Christ, but didn’t know him personally. My job in the big city involved corruption and my personal life was just as bad. Back home in the village, my father and mother had been united together in marriage again (by God’s mercy) and were so proud of me because I would send money home to the family each month. They had no clue how far I had fallen.

At the age of 25, still corrupt and in the world, I joined a fellowship called Calvary Chapel. These guys seemed to be speaking sense to my ears. They taught verse by verse through the entire Bible without skipping things. I sat listening to sermons for five years. Every week, the message became more and more serious. I knew I had been making shortcuts and playing games. I knew I was in danger of hell fire because I was trying to earn salvation through works.  I saw I needed to start a real relationship with Christ. However, following Christ would mean giving up my career, the money for my impoverished family members, the university school fees, . . . everything I had worked for. I wept for 2 months in my house seeking God’s will for me. It was very tough. Salvation was knocking at the door and I couldn’t wait any longer.  I ran to my pastor and explained I wasn’t saved (as you can imagine, it was a surprise). That day I genuinely accepted Christ. I lost my high paying job, quit the university, and gave up my ungodly relationships. My family thought I had gone insane–villagers even went to the police asking them to force me to go back to making money. They even got me 2 other job working with the government, but I just couldn’t! All I wanted was to know God’s Word. I was free. From the moment I got saved, it was like someone pouring cool water in my heart. All the weight and pressure of the world was off my shoulders. I knew Christ had granted me peace. I had no desire to go back to what I left. All I desired was to learn God’s Word.

God stepped in and provided a divine connection. There was an Israelite man, strong in the faith and experienced in missions, who was led by the Holy Spirit to start an intense discipleship program at my church. Isaac Wootton is his name. He took me in, along with three other men, as part of his own family. We lived in the same house as him and studied under him for two years–six days a week, 5am to 10 pm. The training was so intense that the government actually came to our compound to make sure Isaac wasn’t training terrorists! After completing our studies,  Isaac took us for missions in six different countries. During our 2 years of training we saw over 10,000 people reached with the Gospel (through one on one evangelism) and 7,000 profess Christ as Lord. Others we baptized and many classes for new believers were established and left in the hands of capable pastors. We even saw Bible schools for pastors founded. During this training is when I met my wife, Elizabeth. After completing training, I went to serve in Tanzania, but knew God was calling me home. I needed to first share the Gospel in my village, to my people–many of which had fallen for the same lie of works salvation. My wife and I now serve as missionaries to my people. Our model is to train and equip indigenous missionaries from my country the same way Isaac trained me–living with my disciples as Jesus did his. To God be the glory, Amen!

Elizabeth’s Testimony


Dressing a little Turkana boy’s burns

In short, my testimony is that I have seen the lost found, the broken find hope, and those desolate adopted by a Father who loves them. And I have also seen God transform a truly materialistic, insecure, self-centered, American woman into a compassionate, God seeking, follower of Christ.

I was raised in the Church, accepted Christ around four years of age, and was home schooled 1st through 12th grade. I moved to Kenya in 2011 after graduating from nursing school. I passionately tried to help solve physical problems with my hands, working as a nurse and tending to orphans, but found no satisfaction in what I was doing. This was when the truth finally hit me: The physical problems and poverty in Africa are a manifestation of the underlying Spiritual problems. How can you treat the physical consequences of sin, without dealing with the sin itself? Africa has the same problem you see everywhere: separation from God, and life in a fallen world. When I realized this, I started praying that God would give me just one  disciple. Just one, please Lord! (Matthew 28:18-20). It wasn’t but a few days later that I was dismissed from my nursing position because of my beliefs. Everything I had worked for over the past year was lost. 


Encouraging discipleship classes to begin at the top of Mt Elgon

I went home to my little house in Africa that night and seriously started praying. I cried; I repented before God for serving Him “my way” and asked for Him to take control. After a few days, I met an Israelite couple almost standing at my front door. Greg and Beverly Wootton (with Life Changing Discipleship) were at my compound for a neighbor’s BBQ. They told me incredible, unbelievable stories of remote villages hungry for the Gospel. They told me of the joy they had in starting Bible Training Centers for Pastors (BTCP) and for church leadership who couldn’t afford formal training. I didn’t realize it then, but this was the beginning of God answering my prayer. I was soon to be spiritually adopted by the Wootton family and the families of their indigenous missionaries. I was also soon added to the ever-growing list of Bible Training Center students. While studying BTCP for three years, the Lord blessed me with countless missions opportunities. I spent countless hours studying in the back seat of the Wootton’s van while
traveling across Africa learning hands on how to plant Bible schools, witness my faith to the lost, and teach. Meanwhile, back in Kenya, God gave me a class of 150 young ladies in a genocide stricken mountain chain, followed by many other classes.  It was while I was in training that I met my husband, a young indigenous missionary being discipled in Uganda by the Wotton’s son, Isaac. It’s funny looking back at how many countless hours John and I spent on mission trips together, playing Uno in the back of the van, doing evangelism in dangerous slums, and studying together without knowing we would be spending the rest of our lives serving the Lord as a team! Ok…well he says he knew and I was being 
hard headed, but that’s besides the point…

Now, My hearts desire is to be used by God to give others the same opportunity that Christ gave me. I want to spend my life teaching others while witnessing Him transform their lives. 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

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