My First Christmas in Africa

African Church

I had a wonderful African Christmas with my parents this year. As you can imagine, Christmas is very different here. Our day started with Church service at Mattaw. Church in Africa is much more lively than in the US, and it is the high point of the week for those attending. It is very spirited, with lots of drums, singing, and dancing. The message was inspiring for the people, as it was encouraging them to rejoice in their low position, as their reward was eternal and in heaven.

After church, we went to a feast at the Instep Baby House. Instep has over 100 children, so as you can imagine, it is hard to keep them all fed. Normally, portions are strictly rationed, but on Christmas Day, everyone gets to eat all they want. Some of the older Children were taught the true meaning of Christmas. They were taken to the Kitale dump where several families survive by digging through the trash. These children shared tea, sugar and cookies with these families.

After the feast we spent the afternoon holding babies. I had visited here when I got to Africa 4 months ago, and I am surprised by how much the babies have grown.

We returned home, and I prepared Christmas Dinner for my parents, Caleb, Ian and Dan. As we were about to eat, James came by to deliver eggs, so we invited him to join us as well.

This was my best Christmas ever!

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  1. Al says:

    If there is anything more beautiful than a baby, I can’t think what it might be. Looks like a good time was had by all, but you look a little worn down after the dinner meal. PJM looks all fired up and renewed by what he is experiencing.

    I hope the rest of your parents visit goes well and their trip home is an easy one.


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