Moving Day

Lunch with Friends
Lunch with Friends in New Home

Well, moving day finally came.  I am staying at Mattaw’s guest house until the lease comes due in February. Mattaw’s guest house is a six bedroom five bathroom house, so you can imagine the amount of cleaning I have been doing! My next home will be much smaller, but in the mean time, I am very thankful to have a roof over my head.

I had some of my Kenyan coworkers over for lunch and we had a wonderful time.  In the past, all of our get togethers have been at the guest house, so it feels like home to me, and I will miss it once the lease comes due. However, my boss plans on building new dorm rooms for our visitors to stay at the summer! I just keep praying that the construction is timely. We will even be making our own bricks and mixing our own mortar.

3 Responses to Moving Day

  1. Rebecca says:

    These sandwiches look scrumptous. I’m not much of a cook so think I’ll go to and find a recipe.

    Is the guest house in Kitale? All of the building going on at Mattaw sounds like a good opportunity for the kids to learn some skills.

    We know you are very busy, but we really appreciate you taking the time to blog.

  2. Al says:

    New guest quarters sound like a fine idea. Will they be air cionditioned? If it is as hot as I think it must be, the AC would give yout guests a place for relief as they sleep. I suspect that many visitors would be potential cotributors, so it might be a good investment of capital and electrical funds provide relief for visitors.

    Served hot, I bet the sandwiches are really good. They have good presentation with all the colors. Keep up the good work you do for the kiddos and for those of us that can just watch and help when we can.

    • elizabeth says:

      Good to hear from you Al. I am excited to see what the dorms will look like. No, there is no air conditioning. Actually, none of the houses here have heating or cooling. Our weather is around 75 F year round. I was really shocked when I moved here by the cool weather. I was always told Africa was hot! In fact, I usually wear a sweater.

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