More Chai Please

Well, Georgie has learned how to make chai, but you might want to watch out because I’m not sure what’s in it. Typically chai is half tea, half milk, and a spoon full of sugar, but George has added some new modifications involving some white squishy substance, pinto beans, and some local garden sprouts. We had fun playing for a while but were soon notified that the said drink was actually the next door neighbor’s science fair project.

5 Responses to More Chai Please

  1. Frannie Garcia says:

    That’s too funny (but a little scarey too). Lol!! He sounds absolutely adorable.

  2. Bob OHara says:

    My brother John when he was 9 or 10 used to con our baby sitter and our grandma into trying all kinds of weird concoctions. Many was the time I heard “no John yechhhh; I don’t want it”. But yet his sweet little face conned them into it anyway

    • elizabeth says:

      Oh yes, I was that way too. My concoctions always had a base of thousand island salad dressing. I even sent some with my dad to work one day. It broke my heart when he came home that night and hadn’t eaten it.

  3. Rebecca says:

    When visitors come, do they get in on the work projects, too? Where do they all stay?

    I can see why people want to adopt Georgie, he is too, too cute.

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