Missions Update Letter

I cannot believe it has been a little over a month since I been have back in Kenya. Praise the Lord! A lot of good things are happening. There is so much I cannot even fit it all into one letter, so I am highlighting only a few things.

Visitors from the states:

Jim and Melony Roche (From Eldorado) visited us for a week. They interviewed many of BTCP’s students and encouraged them in Christ.  I was able to hear many of the teachers’ and students’ testimonies. Hearing the hearts of these men and women really changed my perspective on things. They are more than just hungry Bible students. They have been delivered by Christ from many things and have endured much in His service:

  • One student told us the stories of how his parents had practiced witchcraft on him as a child to try and cure his ailments. A man of God visited their hut one day, prayed for him, and he was healed. After this, the whole family stopped practicing witchcraft and gave their lives to the Lord.
  • A teacher told the story of how he was the first in his village to take a stand against witchcraft. They were claiming Christ as Lord, but still practicing Sorcery. He boldly told his people that practicing witchcraft made you an enemy of Christ and that you couldn’t serve both Christ and Satan. It was shortly after this that all the local churches started praying that Jesus would kill him—quite ironic actually. However, he is still alive today and has led many people in his region to Christ.

Our guests also joined Thomas and I on a national television show and radio interview where we were able to share the gospel. I am not sure what the final count was, but I believe a few million were reached with the programs.

New School Opened:

We have opened a new school in the Nandi hills for the pastors I befriended a few months ago during an evangelism trip with CCSA. They are all seriously committed. We will start discipleing those in the work camps  and handing out Bibles soon.

Main Ministry over the past month:

Kenyan young adults are trading the little bit of Christian roots they have for the worst of American culture. They have seen what is on MTV, have watched all our movies, and have decided to dress and act like secular American youth. Immediately after graduating from high school, young men and women stop going to church, move to big cities, start perusing materialism, and start club hopping. This is why I have felt called to disciple the 300 girls at Mt Elgon’s main high school. The problem is the need is so overwhelming I fear that I am only making a small dent in it. I have realized that I need more help to reach these children. After much prayer, I have adapted my approach. So, here are some of the new things:

First, I have prayed…a lot. In doing so, I have realized that I need to motivate and recruit the BTCP students to also go into the High Schools and disciple the youth. I have been meeting with the adult BTCP students in rural areas. I have pleaded with them to help save their youth. I have shared my own testimony with them.

God has answered prayer. The Bible students have been convicted to the point of tears. 100% of them have committed to infiltrate the local high schools with the Word of God. The Pokot tribe has identified around 20 schools, the Mt Elgon class is going to accompany me to teach the 300 girls (plus around 10 other schools they have identified), and the city of Kitale’s group will be doing everything possible to reach St Joseph’s Catholic boarding school—which I have heard is having serious problems with cults.

The first step to making this happen is persistently approaching school administration. All the Kenyan public and private schools have gone on strike…that means no students and no teachers at school right now. We are using this much needed time for prayer, practicing, and preparing ourselves for action when the strikes end.

What I need help with:

Pray. Really pray hard that these Pastors and Bible students have a continued zeal to join me in reaching the young people of Kenya. Pray that we don’t grow weary during the wait. Pray for me guidance in how best to keep them accountable, and which schools to visit myself.

Please continue to pray for my transportation situation. Each week I am traveling to remote areas of Pokot, Mount Elgon, and the Nandi Hills. The roads are very dangerous, and most vans and shuttles have no seatbelts and are very poorly maintained. Because of all the travel to these remote areas, my transport expenses have gone up. I am spending around $120 more per month on transport than what was budgeted.

Continue to pray that God would bless the work of my hands, and that His name would be glorified through this work.

In Christ,

Elizabeth McWhorter

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  1. Bill says:

    Lot’s of good stuff … and radio and TV outreach is just fantastic : )
    Bill in Maine

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes, it is such a blessing to be hear and see first hand how God is working in people’s hearts. I cannot imagine keeping all these good stories to myself!

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