They Call It A Cross-Cultural Marriage

ant-hill-kitchenI stumbled over something on my way to make breakfast in the morning. I could give a long list of the creepy crawly things I have found in my flour, corn meal, rice and beans over the past few months, but this one beats them all. Somehow, between 4:00-7:00 am, appeared a large ant hill at the base of the kitchen door. After removing, ants returned and resumed their scheme of completely blocking off my kitchen as their new apartment. After applying a whole bottle of bleach to their second mound, they have finally relented.

My first reaction:
“AAAHHHHH! What is it????????”
John’s first reaction:
“Oh! We are blessed! This is a very good thing!”
“Don’t worry Auntie, they could live in your house for years and not do any harm.”
“We are not keeping them! No, please don’t eat them! Get them out! We are not frying them!”

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