Meet Our Students

Although we have many students, below are the four who live in our home. We spend five days a week with this group studying God’s Word from 6:00 am till 9:30 pm. Then on weekends, they return to their home villages where they minister to their communities.

Oreet James

James’ salvation is a story of fervent prayer. I still recall sitting in prayer meetings all the way in Kenya passionately interceding for a man named James whom I had never met. He was a man with much land, a beautiful Christian wife, children, and the calling of God on his life, but he was passionately resisting Jesus and pursuing the world. Drunkenness, quarreling, rivalry, and anger were the way of his household. “I use to fear Uncle James,” says his niece.

Coming home from work one evening, he found something in his eye without realizing that, a few days later, he would be going blind in both eyes. In extreme pain that was not passing, doctors tried every antibiotic they could, but nothing could make the ever dimming light return. Finally, doctors told him the only way to make the pain stop was simply removing his eyes. I remember asking myself “could this really be it? Is James finally going to relent and give his life to Christ?” Surely we had prayed that God would do what was necessary to save him, even if it meant tough troubles! Sure enough, it was that evening that he told his wife “let us go to the Church.” He wanted prayer. The elders of the village church laid hands on him and began to pray. James told us, “When the pastor removed his hand, I felt as if something had been plucked from the back of my head. The pain stopped.” As James’ eyes began to heal, he found himself convinced God was real, and completely surrendered to Christ. He gave up his drink, gave one of his houses to be used for church meetings, and started seeking God. From this time on, he began calling John (my husband) on the phone each week asking him when he would be free to teach him the Bible. He said that he was not going to turn back. He knew that he was to serve Christ, and “if I turn back, I’ll surely die!”

James is now in our intensive discipleship course and will be graduating Jan 2019. He is actively involved in teaching the Bible and Organic farming in his community. He has also been involved in prison ministry and his touching testimony shook the lives of many prisoners (some of who were his old drinking buddies).

Please pray for James:

  • Deepening Relationship with Christ
  • Extreme wisdom and counseling skills as he teaches in the villages
  • A way to financially support his family since he has left everything to do full time ministry

Opule Peter


Peter’s life began with much hardship. One physically notable characteristic of Peter’s is his strength.  He is well acquainted with intense physical labor. He use to carrying large loads of sugar cane, like an ox, on his shoulders at a Sugar Cain plantation. He said “the pay was hardly enough to buy food.” Distressed and discouraged in life, he returned home to the village where he was not welcomed by his family. Domestic problems resulted, and Peter found himself serving time in prison. He knew that when he was released he had very little land to till and nothing to sustain him. It was during his time in prison that Peter heard John (my husband) and James give him the greatest news of all, that God was willing to adopt him as a son and give him a future and a hope. Upon hearing the Gospel, Peter broke down, gave his life to Jesus and began attending the Bible lessons we offered in the prison. When released, he immediately found a church where our Ukrainian friends were offering the same class and continued.

Two weeks later he called John on the phone and told him he was ready for more. He wanted to go through Bible training to become an indigenous missionary. Peter is one of the best students we could have ever asked for both in the classroom and outside of it. As per now, Peter has gone from disdained to  highly respected by his family and his village where he has been teaching the Bible and organic farming–all because of Christ working in him.

Please pray for Peter:

  • Deepening relationship with Christ
  • Development of His ministry within his community
  • Source of Financial provision for his continued studies

Atim Proscovia

Atim was an orphan by an early age. Constantly shifted between distant relative’s homes, she felt unwanted. “I was mad at everyone. I hated everyone.” By middle school, she was taken in by a Christian couple in her village, Serere, and had accepted Christ, but life in the village was still hard! In the village, there isn’t electricity, water is fetched from a distance, and you work in the fields from 4:00 am till late at night and still must cook dinner on fire wood in the dark, do your laundry by hand, and make time to study. Rains control whether there is food or not and paying for her schooling was not easy on her new family. Although an extremely bright young lady, Atim didn’t pass final exams in high school due to her overworking to earn school fees. Not passing is horrible because, in Uganda, there is no second chance at the exam and no future. The result was devastation, “I just wanted to die. I had no hope left. What next?” However, she still had one hope and that hope was in Christ. Many young ladies in her position resort to sexual misconduct with married men and polygamist situations as a means of provision, but she remained principled and trusted God.

The day I met Atim, her face was downcast. I (Elizabeth) spent time encouraging her, and invited her to spend the night at our house. We have now grown to be very close friends. She now recognizes that she failed because God had a special plans for her life, “I have hope!”

Atim is now one of our main for students and should be graduating Jan 2019. She is leading Children’s ministry in her home village while also heading up an Adult Literacy Training in Komod. The purpose of Adult Literacy is to teach people the reading skills they need to understand God’s Word.

Please pray for her:

Deepening relationship with Christ
Revelation as to what God has called her to after graduation
Source of Financial provision as a full time indigenous missionary

Ojur Ellie Godwilleli-baptism

Ellie was a teen struggling with the ever growing reality that there were no school fees. It was at that same time that a group of youth from Slavic Missionary Bible School (SMBS), Florida were visiting Soroti. These youth shared the Gospel with Ellie. Although he was familiar with church, he saw clearly that he needed to make a firm commitment to Christ. With his new found faith, Ellie struggled with “what next?” It wasn’t a few weeks after the SMBS team left Soroti, that we found Ellie at our gate every morning with an application in his hand for our School of Ministry. Although we didn’t want him to drop out of high school, he was determined that Bible school was the best path for his life. After consulting his family, we accepted his application and he is now one of our students. He is an outstanding student in every course and his character is one of a very humble, faithful steward.

He is actively involved in Adult Literacy training and searching for what God’s calling is on his life after training is completed. He will graduate in January 2019.

Please Pray for Ellie:

  • Deepening relationship with Christ
  • Development of a ministry
  • Source of Financial provision for his continued studies

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