Making New Friends while Saying Goodbye to Others

Today I said goodbye to my company. They have begun their 40 hour journey home. However, as they leave, I will have the pleasure of building friendships and relationships with those that they leave behind. After Lisa and I spoke at the women’s conference, the church  asked me to come and lead a bible study for the women! What we preached was well received! Please pray that this opportunity becomes a reality and that these women would come and learn. It was such a joy visiting this church, meeting these women, praying over them, and watching as many of them were baptized. I will testify that, from what I have seen over the past week, this church has a lot of fruit, and I hope to disciple some of the growing number of women there.

Below is a picture of the watering hole where many of the new believers were baptized. All I can say is it takes a great leap of faith and courage to be baptized in this water. Not very often do you hear a pastor pray over the water before baptizing people in it. The prayer was that it would be sanctified (purified) from all parasites and life threatening diseases.

You can see the men on the right with the donkey cart fetching water while everyone is being baptized.

6 Responses to Making New Friends while Saying Goodbye to Others

  1. Nora says:

    Opportunities seem to be opening everywhere. This is a place where people are hungry for the truth. My prayers are with you and these wonderful opportunities come open to your ministry. God Bless you and keep you

  2. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE THIS in every way! Oh, God is so good.

  3. LM says:

    It was hard saying goodbye my sweet love. I kept seeing you in the airports, any waif of a girl with long flowing hair and moving fast reminded me of you. It will take a while to calm down and be satisfied with e-mail and phone calls. I hope you set the world on fire with that new guitar. It was meant to be. I love you, Grammy

  4. Jan Masaoka says:

    Even though I agree strongly with you that the “gospel of prosperity” is horrible and destructive, I can’t help but wonder if anyone from the industrialized world can be an effective messenger to that effect. We are all immensely wealthy compared to the people you are preaching to, and poor people have never been receptive to rich people telling them to stay poor. Which is just one of the reasons Jesus stayed poor.

  5. karen beams says:

    I am Dale’s mother.He is in Mexico currently on a mission trip. He sent me your website. I enjoyed it. My younger son was in Kenya with the military last year. Praise the Lord for your dedication for His work. Will pray for your safety amd wisdom as you go forth in His Name and in His timing. Thanks be to God in all things, in all things give thanks. Karen Beams Kansas

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