Little Mama Maria’s Restaurant

After spending two hours at the border of Malawi, our team was quite hungry, but we pushed on without food. We passed little town after little town but no clean restaurant in sight. Finally, we saw a sign written “cold drinks sold here.” We decided to parked the car and pulled over. After following what could have been a cow trail down behind the small cinder block shop, we found a mud house, and behind it a tiny mud restaurant called “Mama Maria’s.” As we entered the restaurant there was a short plump little lady with a huge smile on her face. Within 5 minutes this mama had our tables full of beef stew, chicken, ugali, rice, dark green vegetables and everything else you can imagine. Nowhere in Africa have I ever been served such clean, fresh food so quickly. It was almost as if someone had been expecting us. We pondered “How is this possible?”  Little mama Maria said, “I prayed all morning that if I cooked this big meal God would send me customers to come and eat my food!” And I guarantee you it was the Lord answering her prayers because there is no way we should have ever found her place! After eating, we were all refreshed by our cold drinks and our prayers for food had been answered. We were quick to make her restaurant our main rest point on our way to Zambia a few days later. Mama-maria's-restaurant-malawi knife-worn-out-africa

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