Little George

Spoiled Georgie

This is little Georgie, Mattaw’s youngest child. No trip to Mattaw is complete without a debriefing on his cute, cunning ways. See, Georgie is what we call a charmer. He knows how to work the system. In fact, by the time Georgie was two, he had become so experienced at charming people that tourists were not allowed to pick him up because Mattaw feared he would never learn how to walk.

I am ashamed to say I immediately fell for his scheme. It wasn’t 30 seconds after I walked into Mattaw that Georgie started crying and fell behind all the other children–googly eyeing every tourist that walked by. We all melted over him.

Yesterday, after eating two pounds of goat meat, chicken and rice, he stared at me the whole time I was eating mine, but I am proud to say I didn’t give in. His parents warned me that he picks out theĀ vulnerable, skinny, white girl andĀ convinces her to give him her food.

Nonetheless, he is a cute, cute baby who knows how to win everybody over. He is fully sponsored.

4 Responses to Little George

  1. JHP says:

    The child certainly gets my vote as one of the cutest kids ever!

    • elizabeth says:

      I think I will just make an album of Georgie’s different charming faces. He has a way of grabbing your heart and then shredding it when you don’t give him what he wants.

  2. Nance says:

    oh. oh. You will have to keep your guard up. I suspect that you are naive and gullible, as I was 40 years ago. It will be hard not to give in or spoil this little one. You will have to stand guard of your heart and think about his future well-being. Good luck! oh what a little cutie pie!

    • elizabeth says:

      I know! Georgie gave the baby face again when we told him to go sit on the potty and everyone rushed off to grab their cameras. By the time his photo shoot was over, we forgot about putting him on the potty. Once again, his crafty ways worked!

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