Leis of Christmas Tinsel

Sometimes when someone wants to honor or welcome you here, they hug you and then wrap leis of Christmas tinsel around your neck. I am not even quite sure of the cultural significance, but it is a very nice gesture and makes you feel very appreciated. These pictures come from when we were opening the new school in the Nandi Hills this week. I am glad to say these pastors are very dedicated to completing the BTCP course. Everyone had paid for their books up front as required, which is one of the best signs we could ask for. I will start meeting with them to create a plan for disciplining the work camps. I am really excited about this.

4 Responses to Leis of Christmas Tinsel

  1. Derrick says:

    That’s cool! What an honor! GOD bless you and the new school!!!

  2. Lauren Waggoner says:

    Elizabeth, What great work you are doing for God! I just found your website and have enjoyed reading your blog! Our church goes on mission trips to Uganda and Kenya most years and started a Children’s home in Lulwanda. Valori is working on becoming an optometrist, so who knows, she may make a trip to Africa some day.

  3. karen beams says:

    So sorry to hear you are sick. I am Dale’s mom from Kansas. He is currently serving with a mission in Mexico, so I am keeping tabs on you. Ha! May you grow closer and closer to God through this little trial. We are Praying that you know the Holy Spirit is world wide and he is helping you now! Karen B.

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