Learning Wisdom From Godly Men

This weekend was full of learning and teaching at what was the first leadership training conference Life Changing Discipleship has hosted.

It was a time for teachers overseeing a large number of schools to come together and edify each other. Some of them are overseeing up to 10 BTCP schools and need advice on how best to manage and lead their large number of students and teachers. Each teacher attending the conference lead a training session that related to one of his greatest strengths.

My favorite part of the conference was the teaching regarding evangelism. The teacher lecturing on this topic shared with us that the scars we’ve seen on his body came from the very people group he was trying to reach. He told us story after story of how he had lead people to Christ, stories of persecution, and stories of God’s provision upon his life. Remarkably, it wasn’t 48 hours after the conference that I found myself sitting in a person’s’ home answering his questions about the Bible. Glory be to God, for this man’s guidance. I knew what to say.


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  1. Nora says:

    Elizabeth, God will always provide you with the tools to do his work, if you are receptive. You have such a unique ability to learn from everyone you come into contact with, whether it be spiritually or culturally. You embrace it all “head on” You are always willing to listen and learn and eager to pass on your knowledge of the scriptures. God sure knew what he was doing when he called you to Africa. I admire and respect you and your mission. As always…hugs, prayers and love to you

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