My students are ready to start discipleing people in their communities, so we have started evangelism in the area and are leading people to Christ, getting their phone numbers, and signing them up for Bible classes. It is quite exciting. It will probably take us another month to reach all of the community we have mapped out.

So, how do American missionaries prepare to evangelize? We strap on our hiking boots, Osprey back packs, wear our cargo pants, and have our knifes, flashlights, ropes, cameras, and hatchets ready at any second to cross any barrier that might hinder our progress. ¬†But one thing is for sure, that isn’t the Kenyan way! I have noted over the years, that in Kenyan culture, evangelism requires dressing up very sharp. When a young lady in Kenya goes evangelizing, she puts on one of her nicest dresses, a shall, carries a cute handbag, and sometimes even wears her heels. You would think it was a fashion show. Amazingly, they never fail to gracefully cross all the same fences and breach the same mud holes as the well equipped. Personally, if I had to choose ¬†between having a nicely dressed young lady knocking on my door, and a white person in cargo pants with a 20 lb pack with a rope sticking out the side pocket, I would probably prefer the first.

As you can see though from the pictures, our whole team looked very nice for the occasion–men and women; African and American. I am sure everyone we visited could tell that we really cared.



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  1. Duncan ogeto says:

    Blessed are the feet of those that take the gospel of christ to those that are poor in spirit!..you guys did it grate!

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